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Inflatable Travel Pillow – 100% Soft Velvet Neck Support for Traveling, Airplanes, Trains, Cars, and Offices with Compact Carrying Bag, Breathable and Washable Cover, Ideal for Adult Sleepers -Blue
【100% Soft Velvet Cover】This travel neck pillow features a non-irritating, odor-free soft velvet fabric. Its comfortable, sweat-resistant cover keeps your face fresh, making it an excellent alternative to inflatable horseshoe-shaped or memory foam pillows. Use it as a floating pillow for the bathtub (with the soft cover removed) for exceptional comfort.
【Adjustable Firmness】Inflatable neck pillow showcases inflation technology with easy-to-use valves (inflate with just 3 breaths/blows). Adjust neck support and comfort by adding or releasing air, a feature unavailable in solid pillows. It also serves as excellent lower back support for kids or adults reading in airline seats.
【Compact Size】Tired of memory foam pillows being too bulky for backpacks? Our neck pillow compresses to a size slightly larger than a soda can, fitting in your briefcase or hanging from your bag. No need to carry cumbersome neck supports during your travels.
【Pain Relief Neck Pillows】If you’ve dismissed neck pillows as a gimmick, think again. When sitting in front of a computer for 12+ hours or enduring a 9+ hour flight, this cooling travel pillow can alleviate neck stiffness and fatigue. Ideal for airplanes, cars, offices, or recliners, it provides superior support and comfort compared to conventional squishy pillows. Treat your entire family to this thoughtful gift!