Lexibook CG1300 Chessman Elite,

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Electronic chess game with sensitive chess board: • 64 difficulty levels divided into 4 game styles: normal, aggressive, defensive and random • 5 beginners levels aimed at children and beginners where in the computer deliberately sacrifices chessmen • The moves played are visualised by the luminous diodes (16 LEDs) • A training mode where the computer indicates the player whether a move is optimal or not • Follows the 50 moves rule, stalemate and draw, the promotion of pawns and the passing capture • Various functions: Hint, Take Back, Move, Verify, Set Up and Multimove (to arbitrate a game between two players) • ELO 1800 • Advised from : 7 year • Warning! This game is not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard
Advanced: Elo 1800 player rating system.
16 LED’s (horizontally and vertically) show the moves played.
TRAINING mode (improvement) indicating to the player whether the move just played is optimal or allowing the player to attempt a new move.
Knows the 50-move rule, “pat” and draw by repetition, pawn promotion, “en passant” capture. Solve the mate in 5 moves.
2 players’ mode or player VS. computer mode. MULTIMOVE level to referee a game between 2 players.
Functions included: HINT to suggest a move, TAKE BACK can go back up to 2 moves, MOVE, VERIFY, SET UP.